Reprieve is sure to rejuvenate and fortify the minds, bodies and spirits of all who enter!

Catch up on that book: In this area books are the main attraction. Women can come here to read and relax.

Let your hair down: Reprieve is a place where women can engage each other in empowering conversations. Come to Reprieve and enjoy the soothing sounds of jazz and a nice non-alcohol beverage.

Hear God say "Peace be still": Need to get alone with God? Need to hear from God? At Reprieve you can. Get the direction you've been looking for.

Restoration: Being able to relax in a peaceful environment. At Reprieve women can do just that.

Enjoy a good movie: This beautiful area caters to the desire of a woman to relax and watch an inspirational film in peace and quiet!

“Self-care is possessing enough self-awareness to invoke repeated patterns of being, that harmoniously correct the behaviors of over-functioning for others while under-functioning for yourself. “

–LaShaun Middlebrooks Collier 

Research shows that women are experiencing high levels of mental stress and anxiety.  We are juggling more responsibility than ever and many of us do not stop to check in with and assess ourselves.  We just continue to go until something makes us stop and often times that something is not positive.

The word reprieve means to give relief or deliverance to for a time and at Reprieve: A Spiritual Wellness Center for Women that is exactly what we exist to do.

Reprieve: A Spiritual Wellness Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to provide women of all walks of life a safe place where they can escape their day-to -day stresses and demands and find peace. Join us to fortify your mind, body and spirit!

What is Reprieve?

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Access to all of these amazing amenities plus Women Empowerment group sessions, networking events and much more.